Inhale Exhale Breathing Exercise

This Inhale Exhale Breathing Exercise can lead to improved health, creating a smooth flow of personal chi.

Practice when under stress, feeling overwhelmed, depressed, when your energy is low, when you feel unable to speak up or you are talking too much.

It is beneficial during any illness because it can ease the strain on the heart, excretory and respiratory systems. It can help improve chronic or undiagnosed illness and mental disorders.

It also can calm a hot temper.

Perform the Calming Heart Mudra:

Hands palms up at area of chest
left hand on top of right with thumbs touching.
Recite the Calming Heart Mantra nine times:
Gatay Gatay Para Gatay Para Sam Gatay Bodhi Swa-ha
See yourself calm and peaceful.

While standing, breath in a deep breath, drawing in all good things.

Move this breath from your lungs to the area right below your navel and radiate through your entire bodyHold the breath briefly before exhaling.
Exhale eight short breaths ending with one long breath.(nine breaths total)

visualize all illness and suffering being removed from your body through your breaths.

Imagine many small suns radiating light through and from every cell in your being.

Repeat this exercise nine times.

NOTE:This is a Secret taught by H.H. Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun. It reflects the teachings of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism.

If you share this Secret with anyone, you must honor the Red Envelope Tradition.

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