christopher j dow

A personal journey in solar energy design

Christopher J Dow was introduced to solar, specifically passive solar design, in the seventies growing up in New Mexico. In the eighties his focus turned to active Solar Energy Design and Wind Power education at the Solar Energy Institute (SEI) in Carbondale, CO.

Chris started ELEMENTAL resources in 1994 and opened a retail store to introduce renewable energy to the Wichita, KS area. This business experience provided him with insight into retailing and working with you, the customer.

"I have available to me some excellent resources, both in design expertise and in product selection. As a customer, you can be assured there are supplies, experience and resources available to ensure quality products, designs and installations.

With no strings attached to a single manufacturer, I remain open minded and in search of the newest products, trends, and markets. However, being the latest thing does not qualify a product to be on my shopping list. It must also have proven itself to work.

To me the best customer is a happy customer."

Christopher J Dow was great to work with. He really knows his stuff and was willing to help me as an owner/installer on my grid-tied PV system.

John T, KS

"On the electrical side of the house, I hold a master electrician license in Colorado and am a licensed, bonded, insured, electrical contractor in New Mexico (Lic. # 86997) and Kansas (Lic. #.4002)

This means that I can provide all the estimating, design and permitting required for any electrical situation, whether simple, remote home lighting or a complete, independent renewable energy system for the house. This insures that your system will meet NEC (electric code) requirements to work efficiently and safely.

This highlights one key advantage I have always offered. I provide a complete service; installation, design, maintenance, and owner training, not just sales

My labor rates are competitive and fair for you and for me. This helps to insure that my business will continue to prosper and you won't be left in the dark in the future.

So, in summary, I have awareness of the industry, its' potential and its' realities.

I have experience in installation, specifically Photovoltaic Solar Energy Design, Wind Power and PV/ Wind Hybrid systems. I think hybrid systems hold the most benefits for many living in the central and western US.

I have retail experience and the resources that come with it and as a key factor; the electrical experience and licensing that can bring it all together.

I look forward to working with you."

christopher j dow

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