valerie lyn dow

A personal path to practicing Feng Shui
that embraces Solar Energy and Green Design

Valerie Lyn Dow is a professional Feng Shui consultant. She thanks all who came before her for their oral, written and experiential transmission of ancient arts that appeal to her love of nature. It is their footprints that encourage her to create her own path.

"The places we live have so much to teach us about ourselves. When we are ready, the story is all there. It is as gentle or dramatic as we need it to be and it is our personal mirror of where we are in our evolution as human beings.

Using the symbolic language of Feng Shui, I will assist you to glean the wisdom in your space. It is my desire to help you weave that understanding with your intention to create a living space where you feel empowered and able to manifest your dreams."

valerie lyn dow

As a certified Building Biologist since 1991, Valerie blends this holistic study of life in natural living environments with her Feng Shui practice. This includes a working understanding of natural building design and materials, electro-biology and healthy sleeping rooms. she further compliments her practice with Solar Power and Green Living Solutions.

Thank you for the Feng Shui consultation and ceremony you did for our house. The remodel was amazing! We had seven different contractors, each focused on their own areas. Usually this results in problems, but not this time. Everyone was on schedule and the work went flawlessly.
Thanks again,
Peg F.

Valerie enjoys working with her husband, Chris, on Solar Energy Design projects. Their creative fusion of physical and spiritual energy designs in living spaces is cutting edge. This holistic view is the heart of this website.

Valerie began her consulting business in 1992. A sincere desire to help everyone achieve health, happiness and good fortune is evident in her work. This has led to consultations with clients in apartments, houses, RV's and businesses. Those businesses include a ski resort, a casino, massage and doctors clinics, salons and others. Valerie also teaches, writes, speaks and promotes Solar Feng Shui on request.

Valerie conducts workshops nationwide that are fun and empowering. Her "Feng Shui To Go " travel kit has been called "elegant" and "Fengtastic" by respected magazines around the world. She published her own Teaching letter for three years and is now designing this website with Solar Feng Shui Secret Tips to help you Empower Your Living Space.

"I recommend a Feng Shui Floor Plan Reading to help you begin to glean the secret wisdom in your living space."

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