Empower Fame in Your Life
with Feng Shui Secret Tips

Fame represents your place in the world.
How others see you and how you see yourself.
It is also about making a good name for yourself.

The Chinese word translated as Fame
includes the character for Name.
We all have a name by which we are known
and we consider it important.
How do you feel when someone misspells,
mispronounces or forgets your name?

Equally important is that your name be held in high esteem. You desire a good reputation. Reputation is defined as "the estimation in which a person is held, known or reported character, general credit, good name, fame, renown."

So, we are talking about the way you are perceived by others and their evaluation of your character and how you live your life. This information is reported to others. The root word is "report."

The most important facet of this Life Situation is how you view yourself. It is from your sense of self esteem that you teach others how you desire to be known.

It is not always easy to see yourself clearly. Early childhood perceptions, cultural pressures, or perhaps even past lives can cloud your vision and distort your self-view.

One of the qualities held in the Fame Life Situation is clarity. Performing Feng Shui Cures in this area of your home is a path to gain clarity about yourself.

"One day I decided to set my intention to see myself more clearly as I hung a small octagonal mirror at my eye level in my Fame area. All kinds of situations began to show up. Some of them called for me to heal old wounds and forgive myself. Others put me in touch with aspects of my character that I had admired in others, yet had not appreciated in myself. It was simple. That small mirror reflected what I needed to see in myself."

NOTE: This is also an effective method when your discernment of others is lacking. If you have difficulty recognizing reputable people or tend to fall in with the wrong crowd, set your intention to see others as they truly are rather than their "potential". Reinforce your visualization with a spiritual reinforcement.

Feng Shui Bagua Map of Life Situations

You will find Your Fame Life Situation located in the center rear area of your home, opposite the front entry wall. The element here is fire, so a fireplace or stove in Fame may elevate your good name. To further enhance your reputation, apply Feng Shui Colors and Elements when arranging your furniture.

Water puts out fire, so a bathroom or pool here is not desirable.

If you have a toilet directly in the Fame Life Situation, it speaks to your good name or self esteem being extinguished. To remove this effect, simply place a full length, quality mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. With the door closed what you see reflected has now replaced the toilet on a transcendental level.

A swimming pool in the Fame area of the lot can be balanced by placing 9 pots of red flowering plants between the house and the pool.

How is the fire and water balance reflected in your space?

Let the Sunshine In

All cultures through time have recognized their dependence on the sun as an energy source. Without the sun, physical life on this planet would not exist. Not enough sunshine and we feel depressed. Too much sun may cause a burn. We sense the power and energy of the sun as we bask in the warm glow.

If the Fame area of your home faces south this is an excellent opportunity to use passive solar energy to provide winter warmth as well as energize your intentions regarding your Fame Life Situation.

You can incorporate Solar-Feng Shui Secrets whenever a light or the fire element is desirable. Solar lights are very powerful and kinder to the earth than coal or gas fired electrical lights or heat.

Many also install a Solar Power System. They gain a good reputation for being self-sufficiant and showing respect for our shared home, the earth.

Another way to be empowered by the sun is by practicing one of the Feng Shui Secret Meditations. These meditations and visualization techniques tap into the healing ch'i of the sun. They are only given when requested and must be exchanged for a set number of red envelopes. If you feel drawn to this information, email me on the contact page and I will give you the details.

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