Solar Power Secret Tips to Empower Your Living Space

Solar Power Secret Tips are what you need to know about
Solar Electricity

The following information is designed to explore the basics of getting electricity from Photovoltaic (PV) Solar modules or a small Wind Turbine. When you understand how Solar works, you own the secret

We begin with your desire to add Solar Power (electricity from light or wind) to your residence. Many people want to produce some or all of their own power to:

  • reduce electrical costs
  • help slow global warming
  • be independent from a utility grid

What is Your reason?

After you answer that question, the next one to ask is:

How much electricity do you use each day?

It's Elementary, Dear Watt-Sun

Honesty is key here. Pretend you are an energy detective and count everything plugged into an electrical outlet. Count all lights, doorbells, air conditioner, furnace, etc. Next search out those hidden electrical "vampires" like cell phone chargers, instant on TV's, DVD players and clocks.

Note everything that uses electricity.

Most appliances and light bulbs will have the watts they use on a label or stamp. This will be the wattage used for each hour. If the information is in volts and amps, simply multiply the number of volts by the number of amps. This will give you the watts. Remember, the number of watts is for one hour of use. To be more accurate, multiply the watts by the hours the electrical item is used or plugged in.

NOTE: You can save electricity by unplugging every non essential item not in use or using a power strip. The energy an appliance uses may seem small until you multiply it x 24 hours x 30 days x 12 months.

Your utility company bills you for each kilowatt hour (1,000 watts) you consume each month. To discover your average daily use, add together the past twelve months of usage and divide by 360.

Now you know your current electrical need. The next step is to obtain a Photovoltaic or Wind System Design that will meet your needs and budget.

A "grid tied" PV or Wind system supplements the electricity you buy from your local utility grid. When you reduce your consumption, your utility meter may even turn backwards. This indicates that you are producing more electricity than you use.

There are federal tax credits and utility rebates or system rebates in various states. These can lower your costs when you have a Solar PV or Wind System installed.

An "off grid" or stand alone Solar PV or Wind System requires the addition of batteries. This allows you to store energy to use at night and on cloudy days.

Battery prices vary according to the type and the market. Batteries need to be monitored and maintained.

Who, What, When, Where?

There is a wide variety of Solar Electric Products available today. It can be overwhelming. An experienced Solar Professional will design a PV or Wind system with products that serve your unique needs and budget. If your Solar Professional is not a licensed electrical contractor you will need to hire one. An electrical contractor will insure that your Photovoltaic or Wind System meets current National Electrical Code for grid tied or off grid solar. If you are a self installer, you still must meet code. This insures your safety and the efficiency of your equipment.

A Photovoltaic or Wind (Solar Electric) System, whether grid tied or stand alone, is a smart choice. Utility rates are increasing and no doubt will continue to go up in cost. It is worth the investment of creating your own power now and in the future. Now that is a secret worth knowing.

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