Feng Shui Basics to Empower Your Living Space

Feng Shui Basics explain how to enhance or adjust the forces of nature
to smooth the energy in each place and each person.

The Chinese characters Feng Shui translate into Wind and Water.
Wind and Water are natural energy forces.
Everything around us, including ourselves, consists of energy.

Try this easy exercise:

Sit quietly a few minutes and breathe. Rub the palms of your hands together vigorously until they feel warm. Move them six to eight inches apart, palms facing. Now, move them slowly together and apart without touching. Good. The sensation you feel on your hands is your personal energy.

Feng Shui is about the energy of the earth, the energy of people and the energy of living spaces. The Chinese call this energy Ch'i.

This concept of Ch'i is central to Feng Shui Basics.

Basic rules of Ch'i:

  • Energy cannot be stopped
  • It can only be redirected
  • Energy cannot be destroyed
  • It can only be transformed

Feng Shui is a science. It is also a mystical art using symbols and tools that allow us to see the energy flow where we live. It opens us up to sense the directions and dynamics of energy and how it affects our lives. Feng Shui instructs us how to adjust the ch'i to empower our living spaces. When your energy (ch'i) and the ch'i of your space are in harmony you are empowered to be your best self and live your dreams

A basic tool used to understand the energy in a space is the Feng Shui Bagua Map.

Feng Shui uses subtle energy to redirect and transform incompatible energy, thus smoothing the flow. An example is the use of Feng Shui Colors to create a restful Feng Shui Bedroom.

Information about the relationship of Feng Shui Elements is also helpful when balance is needed.

Feng Shui Begins

Woven through Ancient Chinese Culture is the idea that everything is connected.This belief that we are not separate from one another, or from the places we live, is a foundation of Feng Shui Secrets.

It is said Feng Shui began when ancient people lived in very simple shelters. They were keenly aware that their surroundings affected their well being. They were aware of the weather, the seasons, the movement of animals, the sun, the moon and the stars. They learned the best places to live. Next to a river was good. There was water and fish. How it flowed was noted too. If the bend of the river turned away from the shelter, the earth eroded faster and life was more difficult. When the river flowed around them it brought blessings. It was common sense based on observation and the ongoing dialogue between all beings and their living environment.

The Feng Shui I will focus on in this site is often called Black Hat Feng Shui or BTB Feng Shui.

BTB Feng Shui is very eclectic. H.H. Grand Master Thomas Lin Yun explains " It is a study that puts to use all existing knowledge to choose, to create and to construct the most ideal working and living environments." The fusion with Solar Power technology and Green Living Solutions promoted on this website is a natural fit.

BTB Feng Shui teachings are simple and powerful. My desire is to share with you these Feng Shui Basics about secret tips and techniques I have learned from years of study and personal experience to help you empower your living space.

The most convincing reason to investigate Feng Shui is: it works!

Simple Feng Shui Secret Tips empower places and people in surprising ways. I invite you to explore the possibilities.

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