Empower Knowledge in Your Life
with Feng Shui Secret Tips

Knowledge speaks to what you know,
what you are learning and how you use that information.
It is cultivating yourself in stillness.
This life situation holds secrets related to making decisions.


Are you working hard to learn a new skill?
Is your goal to finally get your degree?
Do you need to make an important decision?

The Knowledge Life Situation is located in the left front area of your space. Your front door may even be in this area. This is good, especially if learning or teaching is your passion.


Feng Shui Bagua Map

Your attached garage could also contain the area of knowledge. If you gain information through the use of your vehicle, this may be the perfect placement for you. (beware of clutter here)

If this section appears to be missing in your floor plan, my secret tip is to install a solar light to shine on the missing area. The light does not have to shine all the time, yet it must be capable to be an effective cure.

A person who has an "aha" moment is often pictured with a light bulb over her head as a symbol of understanding.

The Sum Of What You Know

Knowledge is the sum of what you have perceived or discovered. You may feel you need to know a lot to succeed in todays world. People who acquire academic degrees are viewed as knowledgeable.

While much information is available in higher education, true knowledge is gained as you put to use and experience your lessons. Only then are you able to discern what information is true and valuable for you. You then mature to a deep, thorough understanding as your knowledge becomes wisdom.

A Good Example

"I witnessed an example of experience becoming knowing as I helped my husband study for an electrical exam. The questions were multiple choice and he knew the answers immediately. He requested that I not go on to the next question until he discussed why the other choices were not the right answers.

I commented that he was making more work for himself, that all he needed was the right answer. He explained that it wasn't enough for him to just memorize the answer or just do something because someone says so. He needed to understand WHY it is so. He needed to internalize the information.

He used the following illustration to help me understand. "Anyone can memorize the rules to drive a car, but what if a tire blows out? To be prepared you need to understand how a car works and practice driving a while. It is seldom enough to just read the book."

Despite his knowledge, he is a nervous test taker. To further insure a good score, he carried a Feng Shui Secret Cure and passed with flying colors!"

Knowledge Life Situation Words
(Definitions By Dow)

The place on the mountain to pause and reflect
on your experience of what you know.

The domain to make use of knowledge

When you have spent enough time on the ledge to receive
and experience answers to your whys

A thought that has taken shape and is dispersed

To not stand so much. To sit in stillness.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

All who have enjoyed the fruits of a garden know that planting the seeds is only the beginning. You must continue to provide needed attention and cultivation.

You remove weeds, thin your seedlings and protect them from damage by insects, weather or harmful chemicals.

Self-cultivation is not much different. To cultivate yourself you might begin with the "garden site" better known as "insight". My sense is that the seeds of your true self have already been planted before your birth. It is up to you to cultivate your individual path and gifts so your true self can flourish.

This is not about fixing something that is wrong with you, rather it is about being who you truly are. You must hold this space for your "self." That way you don't get crowded out by ideas, expectations or goals of others.

Sometimes just saying no is a way to create space for healthy growth.


Mountain is the energy expression of nature that reminds you to take time to slow down and be still in meditation. Out of that stillness comes the awareness of what you need to realize your own potential and meet your individual challenges.

For many of us in this culture just being still is a real challenge.

"One of my favorite Feng Shui Secret Tips to cultivate myself is the "Inhale Exhale Breathing Exercise". This breathing exercise smooths the flow of personal ch'i, improves health, relieves stress and can enhance clarity and knowledge. I practice it each morning to balance my moods and my A.D.H.D. mind. I am better able to focus on what is truly important to me."

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