Empower Your Creative Offspring
with Feng Shui Secret Tips

Your Offspring Life Situation includes your children,
your artistic projects, even your business.
Here you nurture expressions of joy, possibilities, your child within
and perhaps your animal companions.

Creative Offspring
In harmony with the flow of life, moment to moment,
joy springs from the doing rather than the outcome.

Your amazing children, are always creative. They love to draw and paint, play with mud and clay, as they delight in their imaginations. They love to hear a good story or tell one.

They love to laugh and use their mouths to explore their world. The mud pies they fashion by hand are served up and gleefully tasted by all. Children are humble and open to new experiences, willing and eager to learn.

Perhaps, most of all, they recognize the value of play.

Creativity is most often born from playful, relaxed activity. It waits to be enticed and allowed complete freedom of movement. It is as spontaneous as a young child.

When you are in tune with the path that makes your heart sing, heeding your own inner child, reaching for the star you see reflected in the clarity of a quiet mind, joy inhabits your being. You can be none other than creative.

The Offspring Life Situation is a good place to contact your muse.

Nurture Your Offspring

It is said that children do not belong to parents, but are given into their care for the benefit of both. It is also said that being a parent is the most important job on the planet. You may or may not agree with those statements, however children do depend on others to provide a supportive environment in which to grow.

Your children are very sensitive to subtle energy. This is unseen energy that is felt. They may act out that feeling when it is stressful. An example is often seen in the child that can't sleep through the night.

Adults learn to ignore signals of subtle energy in their own bodies. Dowsing is a technique that is valuable to detect energy you can't see visually. I use dowsing as part of all Feng Shui consultations.

The energy of developing children is considered unstable, so creating good energy in their sleeping area is important. For example, if a young child's bedroom is positioned in the front of the house so it protrudes past the front door it may result in physical or emotional problems. There is a sense of abandonment, or not being part of the family.

A child's bedroom over a garage also creates unstable energy due to movement. There is also risk from toxic fumes or high electrical fields.

Also a child sleeping in a basement is as overwhelmed as a flower trying to blossom while buried six feet under ground.

The best solution for a child in these situations is to move them to a more suitable room. When that is truly impossible, a Feng Shui Secret Tip can be effective in transforming the energy.

A Personal Example

"A young boy with Autism was moved from a bedroom in the front of the house to one with a view of the backyard. Some additional changes we made included replacing primary colors with more subtle ones and hanging a mobile between the door and window to slow the ch'i flow. The rest of the house was also de-cluttered and the furniture placed in a more open arrangement.

Mother and son chose to be gone during this living space transformation. The Autistic boy did not look at us or speak as they left.

When they returned, I witnessed one of the most dramatic reactions I have ever seen.

As soon as this boy entered the front door he said in a loud, clear voice, THIS IS GREAT!

His surprised mother told us that his reaction was amazing. He responded to his new bedroom with a big grin from ear to ear and thanked us.

The subtle energy that was shifted in this living space was palpable to this boy with his extra sensitivity to everything around him. It reminds me that we are all affected by that which is invisible to our naked eyes."

Feng Shui Bagua Map

Feng Shui Tips for Offspring

It is nurturing for children to sleep in the Offspring area of their bedroom. If this is not advisable, a solar light placed in that life situation area can raise their ch'i.

Children need room to move around. Do not use large, heavy furniture, especially by the bedroom door. In Feng Shui this speaks to foot and ankle problems.

Use organic bedding to promote good health. Natural paints and flooring, minus carpeting, can reduce allergies.

Feng Shui Colors can also be a creative way to adjust energy in a child's bedroom or your art studio.

Remember that the power of all Feng Shui Secret Tips is enhanced when you express your own sense of beauty and artistry.

Coming Soon! Learn how to use dowsing to detect earth energy that may be detrimental to sleep over. With practice, it is simple to use this method, along with BTB Feng Shui, to determine your best bed placement.

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