Feng Shui, Your Personal Experience

Your decision to have a Feng Shui consultation is a personal one and is based on your own experience and desires. What you encounter when you make the recommended adjustments is also personal.

I have listed 9 basic guidelines to help you realize your desired results and answer some common questions.

1. The information I give you is personalized just for you in this place and time. It is important that you perform each secret adjustments and do all meditations or exercises to achieve your desired result.

2. All of the adjustments will be more powerful when you begin the process within 3 days.

3. Some changes will be evident immediately. Others will evolve over time. Be patient.

4. Moving furniture or objects may create movement on other levels, sometimes accompanied by unexpected emotion or just a feeling of well-being.

5. If obstacles present themselves as a result of the changes you make, don't be discouraged, these may bring valuable insights.

6. A Feng Shui consultation will open the dialogue between you and your living space. Sometimes all that is needed is to listen.

7. Always perform the 3 secrets reinforcement with each adjustment to set your intention.

8. Receive a red envelope with money inside if you share the information you've been given with others. This protects all concerned.

9. Remember to honor your own creativity and sense of beauty as you apply this secret art of Feng Shui in your own special place.

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